Dominican Students Receive Scholarships at St. Martin de Porres Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Twenty-three St. Mary’s Dominican High School students received scholarships to Dominican during the St. Martin de Porres Scholarship Awards Ceremony, which honored recipients and benefactors. St. Martin de Porres is the patron saint of social justice.

Recipients were:

Isabelle Bailey – Sr. Angeline Magro, O.P. Scholarship;

Abigail Callhover – Julie Waltzer Flick ’69 Endowed Scholarship and Dorothy D. Porter II Endowed Scholarship; 

Layah Cavett – Marianna “Tootie” Bertucci Scholarship and Von Wolff II Endowed Scholarship;

Emma Clesi – Grandparents Tuition Assistance Fund; 

Olivia Corley  The Kitchen Family Endowed Scholarship;  

Elizabeth Cuevas – Joy Nesanovich Hillebrand and Laurene Nesanovich Kinberger Endowed Scholarship;

Leilani Drake – Endowed Agape Scholarship in Memory of Mary Truxillo Boudreaux ’51;

Maria Garcia – Maria (Maruja) Fernandez Leon Tuition Grant Sophomore Scholarship;

Eryn Goines – The Chiappetta Family Scholarship, Dorinda ’83, Shelly ’85, Dawn ’89;

Jeanne Holmes – Ruth U. Fertel Endowed Scholarship;  

Kayla Little – Margaret Allen and Elmo C. Waltzer Endowed Scholarship;

Catherine Mansfield – Irish Blessing Scholarship;  

Alyssa McDuffie – Joyce Saia Palermo Martin de Porres Scholarship;

Jayla Montgomery – Reuther Family Endowed Scholarship; 

Kaitlyn Rapp – Shirley “Sherps” Wiemers Endowed Scholarship and Sr. Delia McDonald, O.P. Endowed Scholarship;

Catherine RedmannJames P. Raymond, Jr. Foundation Scholarship; 

Margaret RedmannSr. M. Veronica Miceli, O.P. Scholarship; 

Mariam ReimonenqAlice W. Perelli Girls Hope Endowed Scholarship;

Rylee RichardBlanchard-Kevlin Endowed Tuition Grant Scholarship; 

Dasia ThomasCarolyn Wood Kinabrew Endowed Scholarship; 

Lucy TullierElaine Prager Ridgley ’53 Endowed Scholarship;

Allison TullierElaine Bernaissant Conlan Scholarship Endowment Fund;

Kyilie WashingtonJoseph G. and Marguerite Ayala ’35 Lier Endowed Scholarship and Sr. M. Veronica Miceli, O.P. Scholarship.

St. Mary’s Dominican High School Scholarship recipients, (Front Row, seated from left): Isabelle Bailey, Abigail Callhover, Layah Cavett, Emma Clesi, Olivia Corley, Elizabeth Cuevas, Leilani Drake, Maria Garcia, Eryn Goines, Jeanne Holmes, and Kayla Little.

Back row: Catherine Mansfield, Alyssa McDuffie, Jayla Montgomery, Kaitlyn Rapp,  Catherine Redmann, Margaret Redmann, Mariam Reimonenq, Rylee Richard, Dasia Thomas, Lucy Tullier, Allison Tullier, and Kyilie Washington.