Dominican Personnel Saluted for Service Years

At recent ceremonies, St. Mary’s Dominican High School saluted personnel service, presenting awards for the 2020-2021 and the 2019-2020 honorees.

Among the 2020-2021 honorees are Principal, Vice President of Instruction Carolyn Favre, M.Ed., OPA and Counseling Department Chair Wendy Grubb, M.S., LPC, NCC who were recognized for their 40 years of service. Favre started her tenure at Dominican teaching science and soon added physical education. In 2009 she was named school principal.

Grubb, who is retiring, looks forward to spending more time with her grandchildren and traveling. Looking back on her work at Dominican she shares, “It has been most rewarding working with such wonderful colleagues, both in the Counseling Department as well as faculty, and also to see former students return to continue the Dominican legacy of excellence.”

40 Years: St. Mary’s Dominican High School Counseling Department Chair Wendy Grubb (left) and Principal, Vice President of Instruction Carolyn Favre.


2020-2021 Personnel Service Award Recipients

20 Years: Jennifer Drouant (Instructional Administration), Paul Garvey (Facilities), and Louis Negrotto (Instructional).

15 Years: David Christopher (Facilities), Randy Duplantis (Social Studies), and Kristin Thomas (English).

10 Years: Jessica Couch (Advancement) and Ashley Juhas (Health/Physical Education).

5 Years: Lauren Bordelon (Religion), Jill Cabes (Office of Dominican Catholic Identity), Sarah Finney Algu (Counseling), Kenny Lannes (Math), Hannah Pope (Foreign Language), and Carla Weaver (Facilities).

2020-2021 St. Mary’s Dominican High School Service Award honorees, Front Row, seated (from left), Carolyn Favre, Wendy Grubb, Paul Garvey, Jennifer Drouant, and Louis Negrotto. Standing: Kenneth Lannes, Sarah Finney Algu, Lauren Bordelon, Jill Cabes, Kristin Thomas, Hannah Pope, Ashley Juhas, Randy Duplantier, and Carla Weaver. Not pictured: David Christopher and Jessica Couch.


2019-2020 service award recipients

25 Years: Rosalie Abadie (Fine Arts), Jamie Lassere (Advancement), Marcia Peyton (Instructional Office Staff), and Ashley Reso (Math).

20 Years: Erin Baker (English), Ann Fitzmorris (Advancement), and Matt Foss (Science).

15 Years: Denise Boyce (Foreign Language), Anne Comiskey (Social Studies), and Charlene Ford (English).

10 Years: Angelle Caffery (Fine Arts) and Susan Loisel (President’s Office).

5 Years: Katey Alexander (Instructional Administration), Monica Haag (Math), Madelyn Maldonado (Science), June Rabalais (Advancement), and Sr. Pam Weathersby, MSC (Instructional Office Staff).

2019-2020 St. Mary’s Dominican High School Service Award honorees, Front Row, seated (from left), Ann Fitzmorris, Matt Foss, Erin Baker, Jamie Lassere, Marcia Peyton, Rosalie Abadie, and Ashley Reso. Standing: Monica Haag, Madelyn Maldonado, June Rabalais, Anne Comiskey, Charlene Ford, Denise Boyce, Angelle Caffery, Susan Loisel, Katey Alexander, and Sr. Pam Weathersby, MSC.