Ring Day Reflection

A Reflection on Senior Year

Isabella Gagliano ’22

Senior Class Coordinator

Has it hit you yet? We’re seniors! Everything that we have looked forward to since our first time walking the halls is happening, right now. Thinking back to 8th grade, senior year felt like it was a lifetime away. The year 2022 sounded like something you would hear in a futuristic movie. And the seniors looked so old!

And now, we’re here, it’s us. What are we going to make of this year? How will we be remembered? What will we miss most? Will it be the warm SAGE cookies, or the lovely Microsoft surface computers (which we all adore…)? Will it be popcorn shrimp on Fridays, or the uniforms (and we all know we have the cutest uniforms). I think we are all in agreement that what we will miss most is each other. Each and every one of you is what makes Dominican home to me. We have become sisters. There isn’t a day, even on a surprise +1 day, where one of you doesn’t make me laugh. I’m going to miss seeing all the smiles across campus, even if it was just your smiley eyes, and the continuous laughter filling the halls. And of course, the echo of all our voices screaming, Woooahhhaaoohhh *clap*, on Rally Day. #Juniors won rally, never forget.

In all seriousness, let’s always cherish the love that we have formed for each other, and although I selfishly wish we could all be together forever wearing saddle oxfords, I am so excited for us to bring all of our awesomeness to the rest of the world. Throughout this year, when you look at that ring let it remind you of the SAGE cookies, the dubs on Rally Day, the stomps of our Toast of Praise, or the iconic day where we all showed up to school in scrubs. And in eight short months, when we embark on the next step of our journey, let our rings we receive today more importantly be a reminder of all the lessons we have learned from our teachers, the bonds we have formed with classmates, and the faith that our school has instilled in us. So just like our new sparkly rings, shine bright sisters, and always remember your truth, Veritas