Dominican Goodbye, Senior Ellie Dalton’s Reflection

Ellie Dalton ’22

Goodbye. Two syllables, seven letters, but such a powerful word. To me, goodbye is such an ironic word because there is nothing good about saying bye. Food is good, God is good, love is good, people are good, but telling people that you’re never seeing them again? That isn’t good.

So how am I supposed to say goodbye? How am I supposed to just walk away and move on? How am I supposed to tell my teachers who have loved me, taught me, and shaped me into the person I am today, goodbye? How am I supposed to tell 186 of my sisters who have grown with me, laughed with me, and made memories that I’ll cherish forever, goodbye? And most importantly, how am I supposed to just walk away from the school that I’ve called my home for the past five years, the school that has given me everything it has and so much more? How is this humanly possible?

The answer is, it’s not. But here’s the thing that I’ve come to realize and comfort myself with. I won’t be leaving anyone because the impact that every person from Dominican has left on my life will always be a part of me. The little freshman who smiles at me every time I pass her, my classmates who laugh with me at everything and anything, and the sweet math teacher who always lends an ear when I need her the most. These things seem insignificant, but anytime someone passing me on that huge college campus smiles I’ll think of that freshman. Every time I hear a dad joke, I’ll think of my classmates, and every time I listen to one of my friend’s problems, I’ll remember that math teacher’s patience.

After Dominican, when I am at Mass, and the recessional hymn is sung, I’ll silently sing to myself Light the Fire, our Alma Mater, and the Toast of Praise. The joy that this school and all its people have brought me will never be forgotten. The tradition, values, and habits that Dominican has instilled in me will be written on my heart wherever I go. There’s no possible way I could ever leave Dominican and not look back because Dominican is now part of my soul. So, it won’t pain me to say goodbye to you, Dominican, because I’ll love you forever.