Dominican Students’ Leadership Recognized by New Orleans Archdiocese

At the annual Youth Leadership Celebration and Awards presentation held at Transfiguration of the Lord Church in New Orleans, 11 Dominican students were among the honorees recognized for their commitment to their parishes in the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

The national St. Timothy Award for leadership was presented to 5 high school students.

Baileigh Goines and Monica Cabes were among the recipients of The St. Timothy Award, the highest award the Archdiocese of New Orleans can bestow upon a young person. The national award recognizes, on a diocesan level, outstanding youth who exemplify Christian service, Catholic leadership, and good moral standards. The youth who receive this award are not only outstanding in their church parish, but also in the larger archdiocesan community. These individuals have displayed high ideals and have grown spiritually while offering their time and talents in the service of the church parish and the community at large.

Among the Outstanding Youth Award honorees were (from left): Madeline Kerber (St. Catherine of Siena); Addison Ory (St. Charles Borromeo); Bradley Hughes and Madison Trauth (St. Dominic); Mary Katherine Kern and Caroline Lacoume (St. Francis Xavier); Anne Carr and Corinne Lobell (St. Matthew the Apostle); and Veronica Rodriguez (St. Pius X). The award recognizes the honorees’ leadership and service in their Church parish.