Teens Encounter Christ

At the July Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) Retreat, a Ministry of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, 19 Dominican students attended, including two students who served on the staff. Religion teacher Ms. Claire Gallagher was a member of the retreat team that included five young alumnae (Halle Briede ’18; Gillen Briede ’14; Ellie Dalton ’22; Alyssa Helwig ’20; Katie Sciortino ’17).

Believing that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the core message of Christian faith, TEC is a recognized spiritual movement of the Roman Catholic Church, offering to youth and young adults an experience of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus. It begins with a retreat weekend filled with dynamic reflections, music, sacraments, adoration, small group dialogue, and prayer. Afterwards, the TEC community evolves into a network of support that both reinforces parish involvement and personal spiritual growth. TEC leads participants to integrate Christ’s Paschal Mystery (dying, rising, and going forth) at a time of passage through young adulthood.

“On this retreat, I was surrounded by a group of people that showed God’s unconditional love to me through their words and actions. I was not only able to encounter God personally, but through every single person on the retreat.”  –Madeline Pourciau ’23

“This summer I got the incredible opportunity to get to work TEC under the guidance of Ms. Gallagher and other amazing people of faith from all over the state! I loved getting to share about Jesus Christ and the beauty of Catholicism to the Dominican retreat team and other DHS girls attending!” – Madeline Kerber ’23

Dominican students and alumnae at the TEC Retreat:

Front row (from left): Madeline Pourciau (’23), Halle Briede (’18). Gillen Briede ( ’14), and Katie Sciortino (’17); Row 2: Cecilia Cangelosi (’23), Anna Thomas (’23), Annie Leingang (’23), Religion teacher Ms. Claire Gallagher (’04), Alyssa Helwig (’20), and Ellie Dalton (’22); Row 3: Isabelle Bailey (’23), Madeline Kerber (’23), Ellen Darcey (’23), Stella Martin (’23), Emma Ridge (’23), Chloe Guidry (’23), Lucy Enger (’23), and Abby Evans (’23); Row 4: Landyn Bush (’23), Mary Grace Ohler (’23), Hayley Adorno (’23), Brooke DiMaggio (’23), Madison Schick (’23), Caroline Detiller (’23), and Lauryn Ancar (’23).