FAM Supports Students

While the newness of starting high school can be an adjustment, eighth graders and first-year new students at St. Mary’s Dominican High School have FAM (First-year student Adult Moderator) sessions to support and guide them, and also help them feel a sense of community. The FAM idea was a collaboration with Science Teacher Joann Haydel, Counselor Julie Pitisci, and Religion Teacher Claire Gallagher who presented the idea to Principal Carolyn Favre. With administration’s support, the faculty, staff, and Counseling Department collaborated to finalize the program.

FAM groups of 10 students and one Adult Moderator offer dedicated time for students to share their experiences during these regular sessions. Moderators include teachers, support staff, and administrators who are guides and advocates for the students’ total experience at Dominican. Counselors are available for students if they need to talk about something one on one outside of their FAM group.

Science teacher Joann Haydel's FAM group

Dominican students playing Bingo during FAM session

A FAM group poses for a picture