Dominican Awards Scholarships to 23 Incoming Students

During a ceremony on campus, St. Mary’s Dominican High School awarded academic scholarships to 23 incoming 8th graders representing 15 different elementary schools. Academic scholarship awards are based on the students’ academic records and their performance on the High School Placement Test.

Recipients and scholarships awarded:

Sandra Smallpage, Alumnae Association Endowed Scholarship;

Hannah Geihsler, Carol Lohfink Drawe Endowed Scholarship;

Grace Guidry, Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship;

Ruby Spreen, Denise Galatoire Schoen Endowed Scholarship;

Camille Weimer, Dorothy D. Porter I Endowed Scholarship;

Elizabeth Redmann, Dr. and Mrs. William Dardis Scholarship;

Valentina Smith, Drs. Jewell (Lozes) and Richard Wunderlich Endowed Scholarship;

Madelyn Nguyen, Gauthier Endowed Scholarship;

Camille Hymel, Karen Graffagnini Favret ’62 Endowed Scholarship;

Eliah Sheridan, Kathleen Lier Endowed Scholarship;

Sophia Perez, Lolita Fernandez de la Reguera Pittman Endowed Scholarship;

Mary Katherine Raymond, Lynn and Arthur S. Mann Family Scholarship;

Hadley Bonifacic, Patricia J. Blanchard Scholarship;

Avery Johnston, Ruth U. Fertel Endowed Scholarship;

Zoey Ochoa, Sid and Harry Kammer Endowed Scholarship;

Veronica Matherne, Siena Endowed Scholarship;

Macie Hebert, Sr. Angeline Magro, O.P. Scholarship;

Addison Crescioni, Sr. Waldia Warden, O.P. Endowed Scholarship;

Aubrie Dalton, The Father Jean Marie Germain Tuition Endowed Scholarship;

Therese Hymel, The Joan Frischertz Mascaro Endowed Scholarship;

Avery Boland, Veritas Endowed Scholarship;

Amelia Hernandez, Vivian Agnes Chasez Coney Memorial Endowed Scholarship;

Abigail Bosch, Von Wolff I Endowed Scholarship.

St. Mary’s Dominican High School scholarship recipients, Front Row (from left): Avery Boland, Hadley Bonifacic, Abigail Bosch, Addison Crescioni, Aubrie Dalton, Hannah Geihsler, Grace Guidry, Macie Hebert, Amelia Hernandez, and Camille Hymel.

Second Row: Therese Hymel, Avery Johnston, Veronica Matherne, Madelyn Nguyen, Zoey Ochoa, Sophia Perez, Mary Katherine Raymond, Elizabeth Redmann, Eliah Sheridan, Sandra Smallpage, Valentina Smith, Ruby Spreen, and Camille Weimer.