Academic Honor Day Salutes Seniors

Academic Honor Day was a salute to the Class of 2024 and their many accomplishments. The program acknowledged seniors who have excelled as individuals and small groups.

Service Hour Awards

Service is one of the four pillars of Dominican life and collectively during their years at Dominican, the Class of 2024 completed 27,839 hours of service.

Nine students earned recognition by performing more than 400 hours. 

Zoha Mahmood: 441 hours

Josie Sanders: 476 hours

Jeanne Holmes: 505 hours

Layah Cavett: 512 hours

Lauren Santos: 524 hours

Lauryn Williams: 526 hours

Allison Harmon: 573 hours

Bridget Palermo: 616 hours

Tess Baker: 1,263 hours

From left: Tess Baker, Bridget Palermo, Allison Harmon, Zoha Mahmood, Josie Sanders, Layah Cavett, Lauren Santos, and Lauryn Williams. Not pictured: Jeanne Holmes.

2023-2024 District and State Literary Rallies

District Literary Rally Placements:

Kathryn Fine – District Qualifier in Calculus I

Sahithi Koneru – District Qualifier in Government

Meredith Kononchek – District Qualifier in Calculus I

Alyssa McDuffie – District Qualifier in Civics

Carrie St. Marie – District Qualifier in Advanced Math – Functions and Statistics

Camille Truxillo – District Qualifier in Physics

From left: Camille Truxillo, Carrie St. Marie, Alyssa McDuffie, Meredith Kononchek, Sahithi Koneru, and Kathryn Fine.

Freshman Scholastic Achievement Award:

Placed 1st in their respective subject at District Rally, earning them a scholarship to Southeastern Louisiana University

Kathryn Fine – Calculus I

Alyssa McDuffie – Civics

Camille Truxillo – Physics

From left: Camille Truxillo, Alyssa McDuffie, and Kathryn Fine

Louisiana High School State Rally:

Isabelle Anderson – Superior Performance in Treble Solo Low Voice

Mia Bavido – Superior Performance in Treble Solo Low Voice

Kathryn Fine – Superior Performance in Treble Solo High Voice

Catherine Redmann – Superior Performance in Treble Solo High Voice

From left: Catherine Redmann, Kathryn Fine, Mia Bavido, and Isabelle Anderson.

Foreign Language Awards:

Latin Exam

The American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League host the National Latin Exam each year. This year one senior, Catherine Redmann, placed in the Latin V exam and earned the rank of silver maxima cum laude.

French Awards:

Council for the Development of French in Louisiana

CODOFIL Award, a $250 prize awarded to a high school senior that has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the French language in both their personal and academic life. Recipient Berit Stolz was recognized for excellence in a high-level French course, marking the culmination of years of efforts in her pursuit to master a language that is at the heart of Louisiana’s rich culture.  

French National Exam, hosted by American Association of Teachers of French

Catherine Redmann – Gold Medal

Margaret Redmann – Silver Medal

Art and Music Awards

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. The Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent and present their remarkable work to the world through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

Rachel Haase – Honorable Mention in Mixed Media for Book Collage 

Ellory Schultz – Honorable Mention in Digital Art for Manta Ray 

From left: Ellory Schultz and Rachel Haase

Devoted to the promotion and appreciation of student art, our student art contests intend to motivate student artists. The top entries are published in an anthology that will record the creative works of today’s student artists.

FALL 2023 Winners:

Evan Bellow, Chained

Madeline Branch, Looking into Space

Ava Buquoi, Donut

Abigail Callhover, Dancing with Death

Avery Darbonne, Plump

Elisabeth Levasseur, Freedom

Alyssa McDuffie, Christmas Night

Katherine Patron, Nostalgia of the Gumball Machine

Ellory Schultz, Future

From left: Katherine Patron, Alyssa McDuffie, Elisabeth Levasseur, Avery Darbonne, Abigail Callhover, Ava Buquoi, Madeline Branch, Evan Bellow, Ellory Schultz

SPRING 2024 Winners:

Julia Badinger, Myrl’s Memory

Emma Bullard, Fruity Pebble Pancakes

Avery Darbonne, Get Glossed

Amelia Meyer, Oyster Shells

Addison Lobell, Jax

Ava Schnauder, Citrus Fruits

Lillian Stouder, Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Kaitlyn Wismar, Cat & Cat Yawning

From left: Kaitlyn Wismar, Lillian Stouder, Ava Schnauder, Amelia Meyer, Addison Lobell, Avery Darbonne, Emma Bullard, and Julia Badinger. 

Louisiana Music Educators Association (LMEA):

All-State Senior High Honor Mixed Choir and 4-year Academic Achievement Award:

Kathryn Fine

LMEA Vocal Solo and Small Ensemble Assessment Festival:

Superior Rating Solo: Isabelle Anderson, Mia Bavido, Kathryn Fine, Catherine Redmann

From left: Catherine Redmann, Kathryn Fine, Mia Bavido, and Isabelle Anderson.

Instrumental Solo and Small Ensemble Assessment Festival:

Superior Rating Percussion Ensemble: Lauren Giardina, Zoha Mahmood

From left: Zoha Mahmood and Lauren Giardina

Superior Rating Senior Ensemble: Krystal Fernandes, Heather Engelhardt, Camille Truxillo, Sahithi Koneru, Lillian Stouder, Lauren Santos, Kathryn Fine, Brooke Lambert, Emma Ernst, Elisabeth Amato, Molly Glas, Meredith Kononchek, Lauren Giardina, Zoha Mahmood

From left: Lauren Giardina, Meredith Kononchek, Molly Glas, Elisabeth Amato, Emma Ernst, Kathryn Fine, Brooke Lambert, Lauren Santos, Lillian Stouder, Krystal Fernandes, Heather Engelhardt, Camille Truxillo, Sahithi Koneru, and Zoha Mahmood.


Tri-M Music Honor Society

The National Association for Music Education thanked Molly Glas for her time, commitment, and exemplary service to the Tri-M Music Honor Society – Chapter 1-4-4-1. She received the National Recognition of Excellence Award.

Catholic Student of the Year

The award is sponsored by the Archdiocese of New Orleans and awards those students who demonstrate excellence in discipleship, leadership, service, citizenship, and academic achievement. This award is voted on by Dominican’s faculty, counselors, and administration. Congratulations to Kathryn Fine for representing Dominican as the senior in the Catholic Student of the Year program.  

Ochsner Blood Drive Scholarship

Each year the seniors host a blood drive through the Ochsner Blood Bank. $10 per blood donation goes to a Dominican High School Scholarship Fund. This year’s recipient is Sofia Bertucci.

The Knights of Columbus Patriotic Award

Presented to Camryn Chatellier for displaying the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism, and in doing so has shown the highest degree of citizenship by helping others, especially those less fortunate.

The Audrey Elora Peralta Stewart Scholarship

Presented to Sophia Sherwood by Mrs. Angela Stewart and Mr. Ron Stewart in memory of their daughter Audrey, Class of 2017, this fund helps to identify remarkable young women by empowering them with academic scholarships and encouraging lifelong leadership development. Audrey’s passion for civil engineering and her desire to help young women enter this male-dominated, challenging field is the driving force behind this legacy scholarship, funded by family and friends to honor the memory of Audrey, and to continue a legacy of excellence at St. Mary’s Dominican High School. Applicants must be graduating seniors from St. Mary’s Dominican High School with a desire to continue studies in a STEM-related career.

The St. Mary’s Dominican College Corporation Scholarship

Each year St. Mary’s Dominican High School’s graduating seniors who have been accepted and are attending a Catholic College/University receive the opportunity to apply for the St. Mary’s Dominican College Corporation Scholarship. In memory of the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary who established, maintained, and supported both St. Mary’s Dominican College and St. Mary’s Dominican High School, we are pleased to continue their tradition of educating and enhancing the lives of the young women of New Orleans by presenting this scholarship in their honor to Meredith Kononchek.


Executive Board members received the E-Board Medal in recognition of their outstanding leadership and service to the school.

President: Grace Koenig; Vice-President: Amie Lewis; Secretary: Ella Brown; Treasurer: Lauren Johnson.

From left: Lauren Johnson, Ella Brown, Amie Lewis, and Grace Koenig

Salutatorian and Valedictorians

The Salutatorian, the senior with the second highest cumulative grade point average, is Samantha Wild.


The Valedictorian has the highest cumulative grade point average in her Program of Studies. Valedictorians are Kathryn Fine, Sahithi Koneru, Meredith Kononchek, Camille Truxillo.

From left: Meredith Kononchek, Camille Truxillo, Sahithi Koneru, and Kathryn Fine.

Dominican’s Class of 2024 was inducted into the Alumnae Association. In 1901, at the founding of the alumnae association, St. Catherine of Siena was selected as the Patron Saint. Seniors were officially inducted into the Alumnae Association which has an integral role in sustaining the legacy of St. Mary’s Dominican High School, in Preaching the Gospel, in Preaching Truth by the lives they live. In honor of their graduation, the Alumnae Association presented each senior a special rosary that represents the Dominican tradition.


Class of 1972 members Kathy Pastorek and Barbara Cole presented an overview of the recent Class Gift to the school – The Dominican Legacy Tree, a bronze sculpture by renowned Italian artist Master Albana Poli.

The program closed with a PowerPoint salute to the Class of 2024 that highlighted the seniors’ outstanding accomplishments and their chosen colleges.