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SynDaver™ on WGNO News with a Twist

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Check out Dominican’s new SynDaver™ on WGNO — News with a Twist tonight at 6 pm. If you miss the news coverage, watch the clip here! Congratulations to the Human Anatomy and Physiology students, Mr. Foss, and Miss Guitroz.

Analyzing Ellison’s Invisible Man

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English V AP students collaborated in small groups to analyze chapters 9 through 13 of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. Each group was assigned a different chapter, and students created Prezis online to illustrate significant motifs, identify key elements, and analyze the work through the lenses of archetypal and gender criticism. The Prezis will be posted on   …Continue Reading

A Closer Look

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Madelyn Westholz’ Biology I class learned the proper way to use the microscope, an important tool in biology. They also used a virtual lab to further explore microscope techniques. “Using the microscope, they looked at their specimen – the letter e. Students drew on paper the letter they viewed through the microscope,” explained Westholz. “A letter printed   …Continue Reading

A Matter of the Heart

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Students in Mrs. Crissy Giacona’s 9th and 10th grade biology classes were given an overview of cardiology services during a field trip to Ochsner Medical Center. Vico Mariale, Director of Cardiology Service Line Cath-Lab/EP Lab, was their guide for visits to several areas, including the interventional cardiac cath lab, cardiac electrophysiology lab, and cardiology research.

WWII Veteran Visits History Class

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Juniors taking the U.S. history class taught by Mr. Frank Cusimano, Jr. at St. Mary’s Dominican High School were given a personal view of WWII with a visit from WWII Veteran Captain A.P. “Jack” Emerson. In 1941, the 19-year-old Emerson graduated from Fortier High School and immediately enlisted in the Army Air Corps. The New Orleans   …Continue Reading

Newton’s Laws of Motion, Race to the Finish Line

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St. Mary’s Dominican High School eighth-grade students in Ms. Crissy Giacona’s science classes applied their knowledge of Newton’s Laws of Motion in their design and construction of rubber band powered vehicles. Students raced their cars to see which ones went the distance. Awards were given for the most creative car design and the farthest distance.

Anatomy Class Visits Coroner’s Office

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During a field trip to the Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office, St. Mary’s Dominican High School students taking anatomy classes taught by Anjel Guitroz met with staff members who gave presentations on forensics, toxicology and pathology. Front row, from left: Haley Gould, Avrill Boudreaux, Victoria Cannon, Sara Kalantari, Sara Bordelon, and Tori Sutherland. Back row, from   …Continue Reading

The Anatomy of Digestion

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Anatomy and Physiology Honors students in Ms. Anjel Guitroz’s class conducted a lab activity on digestion. Working in pairs, one student listened to the stomach of her partner as she ingested water and a cracker to determine how quickly food enters the stomach. Using a stethoscope, they could hear exactly when the stomach (cardioesophageal) sphincter   …Continue Reading

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