Virtual Dance Lessons for Spanish Class

The Sr. Ambrose Reggio Gym was the classroom for students in Mrs. Claudia Vallejo’s Spanish class when guest speaker, Colombian dance instructor Juan Esteban Lopez, connected virtually from his studio in Medellin, Colombia. Students followed his instructions from warm-up to learning Salsa steps and other lively dances. Mrs. Vallejo invited other students in the gym to join… Read More

Paper Airplanes Go the Distance

Weather conditions were perfect recently for 8th and 9th grade students who are studying motion in Mr. Ryan Reuter’s Physical Science classes. Using the campus quad as their lab, each student tested her hand-made paper airplane’s speed and distance. The speed was calculated by measuring the distance the plane traveled and the time it stayed airborne…. Read More

Cutting Edge Creativity

After a week of developing ideas and designing ornaments in Illustrator, Ms. Lauren Guidroz’s Digital Graphic Arts class continued their creativity in the STREAM™/Robotics Lab where they used the laser cutter to cut and engrave their designs into wood. Students chose paint or wood stain for their final touches on the ornament. Designs included The… Read More

Science Class Gets a Closer Look

After completing the textbook chapter on circulation, Mrs. Crissy Giacona’s 8th grade science class observed their teacher dissect a deer heart as part of review for an upcoming exam. Using a camera to film the dissection and link it to a whiteboard, students could observe from their desks. “Using the whiteboard was the best way… Read More