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A New Vision


A National and State Issue

America has long been a global leader in scientific and technological innovation. But today, just 23.3% of undergraduate degrees are earned in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. In Louisiana, only 9.4% of degrees conferred are in these fields, creating a shortage of qualified workers.1

From STEM …

In response, a coalition of educators, state and federal governments, and various non-profit entities has called for improved education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Under the acronym STEM, a multitude of initiatives are underway with varying degrees of success.

… to STREAM™

As a Dominican Catholic school, we believe these academic disciplines, especially science, serve their highest purpose when informed by teachings of the Catholic Church. That is why Dominican is proud to introduce STREAM™, a more holistic approach that fosters creativity and innovation while intertwining the study of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Now and in the future, critical questions facing society will be in the arena of medicine, bioengineering, and technology. Dominican believes the future must be shaped by scientists formed in the great intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church. As Pope Francis asserted in his recent encyclical, Lumen Fidei, “Today more than ever, we need to be reminded of this bond between faith and truth, given the crisis of truth in our age.” (#25) Thus, our young people need to be formed on a solid foundation of objective truth.

We envision graduates prepared with a STREAM™ curriculum who study scientific and ethical questions in the context of Dominican Catholic values.

In short, STREAM™ bridges the gap between Catholic faith and modern science. STREAM™ forms our students into believing thinkers and thinking believers who engage in the Preaching Mission of St. Mary’s Dominican High School far beyond their years in high school.

1Source: The National Center for Education Statistics: Digest of Education Statistics; Calculated from Table 286. See: Just 5.2% of the 1,650,014 undergraduates degrees awarded in 2010 were in the area of Biological and Biomedical Sciences; 2.4% were earned in Computer and Information Sciences, 4.4% in Engineering and 0.97% in Math.


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