National Art Honor Society Induction Reflections on Art and Faith

At induction ceremonies for 32 new members into the National Art Honor Society (NAHS), Club Moderator Jennifer Frosch spoke of the club’s commission by an alumna to paint or artistically represent St. Philomena, and Fine Arts teacher Rosalie Abadie addressed the connection between art and faith.


Newly inducted members are: Mayne Becnel, René Bourdais, Elizabeth Bourg, Marian Boyd, Catherine Cabes, Melanie Caillouet, Celia Candies, Cecelia Chaney, Victoria Cheung, Riley Daul, Margaret Duplantier, Catherine Elvir, Samantha Ferry, Julia Giacona, Addison Hall, Dana Heck, Logan Jackson, Claire Karcher, Jeanne Lassere, Chloé Lemoine, Madison Lewis, Brooke Loupe, Maygan Miguez, Emma Miller, Lindsay Moreau, Hannah Nguyen, Yarina Novick, Casside Parfait, Natalie Rodriguez-Ema, Elizabeth Thomson, Emma Wehlen, and Camryn Wisniewski.


Photo by Lyla Zervigon


Photo by Lyla Zervigon

Two NAHS members, who also are student preachers, shared their reflections on Pope Saint John Paul II’s Letter to Artists. The Letter was covered by the school’s Fine Arts faculty as part of their STREAM™ seminar.

Dominican President Dr. Cynthia A. Thomas, called the evening, “a wonderful representation of what Dominican is trying to accomplish with the STREAM™ initiative – a real integration of our Faith into all aspects of our students’ lives and learning.”

Reflection by Maggie Duplantier

Dear artists, you well know that there are many impulses which, either from within or from without, can inspire your talent. Every genuine inspiration, however, contains some tremor of “breath” with which the Creator Spirit suffused the work of creation from the very beginning.” Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to Artists.

In the beginning, God created the world out of nothing. The magnificent Creator deliberately sketched out land and water, gave life to people, and painted the world that we live in today. Every time an artist creates, we mirror and channel the ultimate creator. While we are not one in the same, as we create from what he has given us, we have a special purpose and ministry: that is to use our talent and our work as a bridge from this world to the everlasting. When an artist decides to create he or she channels the “spark of God’s wisdom.” Thus, the experience that comes along with art never stops giving. Beyond society’s view of the word, since all art has a piece of God, it is beautiful. Art tells a truth that above all helps us understand our souls, our faith, and our God. Pope John Paul II recaps his letter by explaining that “artists are constantly in search of the hidden meanings of things, and their torment is to succeed in expressing the world of the ineffable.” God gave us the ability to manifest what cannot be limited by words but can be limitless in feelings. As long as you create, I ask that you never deny the inspiration that God provides and the call of what he wants you to express. Whether it be through painting, sculpting, acting, dancing, coloring, etc. may you remember that you hold truth waiting to be revealed and if you so choose to share your talent with the world, you will let people cross over to the divine. Thank you artists and thank you for letting us see your souls.

Reflection by Chloe Dusang

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” He has made everything beautiful in its time… Our good and gracious Lord created everything in the world good, but He made man and woman very good. In being very good, we have to ability to create very good things through the special gifts and talents that He paints on our souls. I want to thank each and every one of you for not dulling the light of your artistic abilities that God gave you. For embracing the talents that He has given you and using them to give this, as it seems sometimes, dull world color, light, and just utter happiness. I truly believe that God makes everything beautiful in its time through the hands of you students. Thank you for making this school beautiful. Inductees of National Art Honors Society, I challenge you now to let God work through your hands so that your masterpieces may be beautiful in this time.


Photo by Lyla Zervigon