Testing Knowledge – Dissection

Working in groups of four, students in Ms. Anjel Guitroz’s anatomy class tested their cumulative knowledge of all systems of the fetal pig during dissections of specimens that spanned a one-week period.





Starting with the external anatomy, students identified structures and functions. They next dissected the pig to expose the digestive system. Each day their dissections exposed the structures in one to two organ systems.  Over the course of the week, they examined the stomach, gastric folds, and small intestine.



“They completed worksheets for each organ system, which assisted them in reviewing each system’s structure and function,” explained Ms. Guitroz. “After all dissections were completed, students ‘studied’ the pig each day in preparation for the practical.”



As part of their preparation for the practical, Ms. Guitroz set up a mock practical, to give the students an idea of what to expect.