Christmas Across the Miles

The Dominican family reached across the country and oversees, sending Christmas cards signed with personal messages to a child in a Portland, Maine hospital and to US troops far away from home.


Nine-year-old Jacob Thompson is a cancer patient who has been fighting Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. At age five, he was diagnosed with the rare cancer that forms early in nerve cells. It has spread to his head and hip, and treatment was deemed unsuccessful. Bed-ridden and with limited time left with his loved ones, Jacob’s family brought Christmas to him early on November 12th, transforming his hospital room into a winter wonderland and a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Working in groups, Veritas Volunteer club members created Christmas cards for Jacob. In response to young Jacob’s one request for cards from anyone “inspired to reach out” to help him celebrate his last Christmas early, more than 40,000 cards from around the world found their way to his hospital room.


Veritas Volunteers also helped add to Christmas cheer for servicemen and women who are stationed overseas. Club members worked together on personalizing Christmas cards for the US troops. Each card had messages of gratitude for their service and bravery, prayers for them and their families, and Christmas blessings.