Dominican Robotics Team Advances to State FIRST® LEGO® League Competition

St. Mary’s Dominican High School’s robotics team, Domini-Bots, placed 8th out of 14 teams in the robot challenge matches at the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®) competition hosted at Dominican. The Domini-Bots also won the Project Award that advanced them to the state FLL Competition on December 15 at Jesuit High School.

Students on St. Mary’s Dominican High School’s FLL Team #39892 Domini-Bots work together to complete the Core Values portion of the FLL Qualifier, hosted by St. Mary’s Dominican High School FTC Teams #9637 and #11526. Left side of measuring tape (from top): Katherine Aranda, Rachel Fath, Charlotte Raymond, and MaryGrace Ohler. On the right, from top: Saishreya Garigipaty, Cecilia Madary, Isabella Nagy, Cecilia Cangelosi, Emily Glazner, and Kelci Lewis.

During Core Values, teams must work together and communicate well while completing a challenging exercise. This exercise is kept secret until the team enters the judging room. For this competition, teams were given a marble, tape measure, and cup. They had to extend the tape measure at least five-feet and roll the marble down into the cup. The Domini-Bots were able to complete it on the first try. Dominican Robotics coaches are Crissy Giacona and Madelyn Maldonado. Faculty support members are Matthew Foss and Kenny Lannes.