Dominican Student Ella Cheramie Takes First Place in 18 in ’18 Competition

St. Mary’s Dominican High School senior Ella Cheramie presents Dominican President Dr. Cynthia A. Thomas the $18,000 she received for Dominican as winner of The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation 18 in ’18 city-wide high school arts competition that showcased the creative talents of students and their special connection to the culture of New Orleans that is celebrating its Tricentennial. Also pictured are Dominican Principal Carolyn Favre, Senior Vivian Palmer who submitted an essay for the competition and one of the 18 finalists, English teacher Charlene Ford and English Department Chair Meg Womble. The $18,000 award will be used toward English Department curriculum development.

As first place honoree, Cheramie also was awarded $1,800. She said her submitted poem, Click-Clack, was penned, “on the idea that music and life are intertwined; one cannot flourish without the other. With my musical outlook, I see New Orleans as a score that ties its diversity together.”

Palmer, whose entry was an essay, said, “From its beginning, New Orleans has been immersed in a rich culture of artistic passion, and for 300 years, performance arts like dance and music have kept the city alive, just as they enliven my own creative endeavors.”

Judges narrowed the field of 47 participants to 18 finalists and then to the top five winners. Phyllis M. Taylor, president and CEO of the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation, said, “We wanted to capture the voices and creativity of our city’s youth during this tricentennial year. We were amazed by the breadth of talent and depth of emotions that these young artists expressed for the city they love.”


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