Alumna Mia Bordlee Gives Presentation on Pro-Life Origins of the Feminist Movement

Alumna Mia Bordlee ’15, Youth Programs Co-Director for Louisiana Right to Life, visited Theron Ferry’s 11th grade Social Morality classes, where she spoke about the pro-life origins of the feminist movement. She discussed the pro-family, anti-abortion stance of early feminist icons, and urged a reevaluation of feminism as compatible with an authentically pro-life viewpoint. Fellow religion teacher Mark Gonnella had invited Mia to the classes.

“I believe that Mia brought several perspectives to the classes,” said Mr. Theron. “First, she is a recent Dominican grad and understands the culture of female empowerment at our school. Second, she was able to draw connections between that empowerment and our school’s authentically Catholic, pro-life culture. The students commented over and over in a subsequent essay on their test that they found her scientific information about when life begins and how it progresses throughout pregnancy to be very helpful. Also, the more honest discussion about the realities of abortion they found very sobering, with many saying they had never really understood what that reality was.”