Freshmen Bring Home Wins at Academic Games Nationals


At the National level Academic Games League of America competition in Orlando, Dominican freshmen Elizabeth Mobley (right) and Ashley Barron brought home several wins and a Blue Thinker trophy. Elizabeth placed second overall in the junior division from a field of 174 players. She placed second in Presidents after tying for first with one other player and having a playoff, and placed 3rd in Linguistic after tying for first with two other players and having a playoff. In the Propaganda event, Elizabeth and Ashley tied for 5th with their team (mixed with two Ben Franklin players and one player from Brother Martin). For the On-Sets, Elizabeth tied for 6th with six other players. Ashley, who competed for the first time at Nationals, placed 88th overall.  

The Academic Games Leagues of America, Inc. (AGLOA), formed in 1992 and incorporated in 1997, hosts a series of academic competitions at the local and national levels. Players receive recognition and awards for their academic achievements in the same way that sports champions are honored

AGLOA provides a series of Academic Games competitions throughout the nation culminating in the AGLOA National Tournament in late spring each year. The national tournament is held in a different location from year to year. Players from around the country gather together and compete in several academic games to see which are the best teams and who are the best individual players.

Mathematics, language arts, and social studies are the core subjects for the various games. Players often learn and apply important concepts in these subject areas before they are taught at their grade level in school. Strategy, in addition to knowledge, is a key component in each of the competitions. It is not enough to know the subject matter (though the more a player knows, the better the player will be). Players must also develop courage and poise in applying their knowledge while competing against opponents.