Dominican Disciples Join Notre Dame Seminarians for Morning Prayer

Students in St. Mary’s Dominican High School’s Discipleship group attended Lauds (Morning Prayer) at the Notre Dame Seminary and toured the campus. 

The students reflected on their meaningful experience at the seminary.


“At the seminary, we joined the seminarians in morning prayer.  It was a powerful experience to pray with people who believe strongly in their faith.  It was also interesting to learn about the daily life of the seminarians.” – Kathryn ’24



“The visit to the seminary completely changed my perspective of the day-to-day operations of a seminary and what it means to devote my life to God. The seminarians are people going to school, where they are able to have fun, go out, and build relationships with others just like anyone else. It showed me that I can live out my life, keep my friends, and do the things I enjoy while keeping God in the forefront.” – Jenna ’22



“The visit helped me see how the priests I interact with daily have worked to get where they are. It provided me with an extra level of appreciation to be a Catholic. I also gained insight into what my future could look like if I decided to pursue a Masters in Theology after I finish college.” – Gracie ’21