Students Experience French Immersion

French club members Alex Amato (10th), Myriel Green (12th), and Emile Wensel (12th) attended the Association Louisianaise des Clubs Francais des Ecoles Secondaires (ALCFS) convention February 14-16 in Lafayette, LA, where they spoke French and completed various activities with teachers and students from across the state. They also visited historic Vermilionville and the Vermilionville Living History Museum that is dedicated to preserve and represent the Acadian, Creole, and Native American cultures in the Attakapas region in the 1765 to 1890 time period. Students also learned the Cajun two-step and waltz. Student Emile Wensel earned a scholarship to spend 10 days in Saint Laurent deCerdans, France this summer. Alex Amato was elected regional representative of the New Orleans area for ALCFS. Joan Rupp is moderator of Dominican’s French Club.

ALCFS is an association of high schools in Louisiana dedicated to the education, preservation, and celebration of French in our state. The association works closely with CODOFIL, the Office of Francophone Affaires for the State of Louisiana. CODOFIL’s mission is to work toward the creation of an eco-system that permits the development of French in the economic, educational, cultural, and professional sectors and in which Louisiana’s French and Creole speakers are valorized in their cultural and linguistic identity.