Dominican Students Post Wins at New Orleans Academic Games League

Despite cancellation of its spring awards ceremony due to the pandemic, the following St. Mary’s Dominican High School Students were recognized for their achievements in several events of the New Orleans Academic Game League. Dominican’s Academic Games club moderators are Janis Dabney and Monica Haag.


Middle Division (with 38 participants) – CC Truxillo, 1st place; Isabelle Anderson, 2nd Place.

Junior Division (41 participants) – Elizabeth Mobley, 2nd Place; Alexandra Amato, 4th Place; Bakhit Cuccia, 9th Place.

Senior Division (21 participants) – Kellie Tucker, 5th Place.


Junior Division (35 participants) – Elizabeth Mobley, 2nd Place.


Total points for all games played throughout the school year in Propaganda, Equations, Presidents, and On-Sets.

Middle Division – CC Truxillo, 1st Place; Isabelle Anderson, 2nd Place.

Junior Division – Elizabeth Mobley, 1st Place.

Team Competition

CC Truxillo and Isabelle Anderson, with three Holy Cross students, placed first in Presidents and On-Sets in the Middle Division.

The Dominican Junior Division team, comprised of Alexandra Amato, Ashley Barron, Bakhit Cuccia, Lizbeth Lacassagne, and Elizabeth Mobley, won 2nd place in both Presidents and On-Sets.

Kellie Tucker, Senior Division, with two home school students, won first place in the team competition for Presidents.

National Qualifiers

Students who qualified to compete at the national level were Alexandra Amato, Isabelle Anderson, Ashley Barron, Bakhit Cuccia, Elizabeth Mobley, CC Truxillo, and Kellie Tucker. The National Tournament that was scheduled for April in Atlanta also was cancelled due to the pandemic.