New Guide Helps Students Navigate Technology Questions

This school term, 8th graders have a Technology Instructional Guide to help them navigate any of their technology questions, ranging from the basics to troubleshooting. The 85-page guide, created by English teacher Shannon Hauler and Science teacher Crissy Giacona, covers General Computer Information, Teams, Computer Screen Shots, One Note, Outlook, Office Suite Information, Plus Portals, and Video Links. It features examples and detailed directions.

The guide results from a collaborative effort. Aware their fellow 8th grade teachers were also addressing technology questions during class time, Ms. Hauler and Mrs. Giacona brought together colleagues from all departments to discuss and identify common questions from their students. They described the meeting “phenomenal where teachers shared their ideas and recommendations on several topics.”

Although the guide’s intended audience is the 8th grade to help those students in their adjustment to high school, it was distributed to all students.