Students Survey for Civil Engineering Project

Introduction to Engineering teacher Kenny Lannes conducts a survey experiment.

Using the quad as their classroom, students in Mr. Kenny Lannes’ Introduction to Engineering class engaged in a Civil Engineering Surveying project. In the quad, they mapped out large shapes. Using the theory of trigonometry and a level transit, the students measured angles and distances to a high level of accuracy.

Introduction to Engineering student uses a level transit to survey the quad.

In the Fall of 2020, Dominican became the first Catholic high school in the New Orleans area to have dual enrollment for Introduction to Engineering in the Louisiana University System via University of New Orleans (UNO). The course work addresses civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, plus naval architecture. Students completing the course will receive three credit hours that are fully transferable to any accredited university.

Introduction to Engineering addresses several college-level topics that include electrical circuit analysis using multi-mesh theory, alternating current impedances and circuit analysis, shear and bending movement diagrams, internal combustion engine efficiency, and basics of naval architecture. Dominican is in its fourth year of offering an engineering course that averages 31 students each year.