Dominican Students Receive District Literary Rally Awards

At the Southeast Louisiana District Literary Rally, 17 St. Mary’s Dominican High School students were first place finishers out of 29 events. Dominican students took first and second place in eight categories. The competition was held on February 24th at Southeastern University in Hammond.

English I – Madelyn Nguyen 1st  and Camille Hymel 2nd  

English II – Katherine Amick 1st and Ava Stack 5th

English III – Kristian Champagne 2nd and Abby Nuccio 5th

English IV – Kavya Paramesh 4th and Alivia Christiansen 7th

French I – Evelyn Aucoin 1st and Audrey Owen 3rd

French II – Clara Marshall 1st and Aoife Reed 4th

French III – Danielle Morgan 1st and Sophie DesForges 2nd

Spanish I – Addison Crescioni 3rd and Macie Hebert 5th

Spanish II – Hailey Walker 2nd

Spanish III – Sadeen Alresheq 1st and Isabelle Tsien 2nd

Spanish IV – Gabriela Munoz 1st and Sofia Chanes 2nd

Biology I – Lourdes Hanemann 1st and Rojon Zamin 6th

Bioloy II – Emma Nguyen 1st and Annabelle Cheramie 2nd

Chemistry – Grace Chategnier 3rd and Ashlynn Dinh 4th

Physics – Camille Truxillo 1st and Samantha Wild 5th

Algebra I – Therese Hymel 1st and Avery Johnston 5th

Algebra II – Vanessa Liu 4th and Therese Carriere 6th

Geometry – Lily Rhoton 5th and Shanlee Raimer 7th

Physical Science – Kylie Lefort 1st and Zoey Ochoa 9th

Calculus I – Kathryn Fine 1st and Meredith Kononchek 2nd

Advanced Math I – Annabelle Hamada 4th and Kennedy Duggan 6th

Advanced Math II – Carrie St. Marie 3rd and Addison Lobell 4th

Civics – Alyssa McDuffie 1st and Katherine Patron 3rd

Government – Sahithi Koneru 2nd and Isabella Koenig 3rd

Psychology – Mary Le 1st and Diana Nguyen 2nd

U.S History – Emma Scholl 3rd and Kaitlyn Vlosich 9th

World History – Emily Nathan 3rd and Leah Gilmore 7th

World Geography –Sophia Perez 1st and Hiba Awadallah 6th

Fine Arts – Emma Knock 1st and June Diket 2nd