Dominican Students Place at Louisiana Mu Alpha Theta State Convention

A Toast of Praise to the 31 Dominican students who attended the Louisiana Mu Alpha Theta State Convention this past weekend in Baton Rouge. They competed with 731 students from 27 schools across the state. They placed in 13 of the 16 events they participated in.

Individual Tests:

Algebra 2: Tess Carriere 18th place

Advanced Math: Grace Mandella 9th place

Integration: Sana Baig 5th place

Differentiation: Brooke Lambert 5th place, Isabelle McKnight 7th place, and Kaitlyn Nguyen 10th place

Theta Individual Test: Tess Carriere 8th place

Mu Individual Test: Kathryn Fine 16th place and CC Truxillo 19th place

Individual Events:

Mu A Descartes: Brooke Lambert 5th place and CC Truxillo 6th place

Team Events:

Mu A Ciphering: Kathryn Fine, Meredith Kononchek, Rachel Haase, and Grace Kim 3rd place; Isabelle McKnight, Sana Baig, Isabella Sachitano, and Kaitlyn Nguyen 5th place

Theta Ciphering: Tess Carriere, Mia Rabalais, Gabby Romero, and Krisitian Champagne 7th place

Mu A Gemini: Bridget Palermo and Allie Harmon 9th place; Reese Macicek and Lauren Giardina 10th place

Calculus Interschool Test: 7th place

Poster Contest: Katherine Patron, Lauren Giardina, and Krystal Fernandes 2nd place

T-shirt Contest: 1st place