Frequently Asked Questions




What is a typical day at Dominican like?

Classes begin each day at 8:00 a.m. and the dismissal bell rings daily at 3:05 p.m. The school day is based on a rotating/drop class schedule among seven classes, with six class periods held daily, each 55 minutes in duration. Special schedules allow for school Masses, Liturgies and assemblies, or for meetings.

How do students use the Gayle and Tom Benson Science and Technology Complex?

  • Students may use the common areas of the complex during free period or during any other free time from 7:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • All classes in our enhanced science curriculum are taught in one of eleven state-of-the-art science labs within the Benson Science and Technology Complex.
  • In the Erminia Wadsworth/The Azby Fund Technology Center, students work on research projects, analyze data, synthesize information, and collaborate on creative endeavors. Four breakout rooms are available for small-group sessions.
  • In the STREAM™ Creation Space, located in the Robotics Lab, students take ideas and turn them into tangible products using 3-D printers, a laser cutter, and sewing station.

How do students use technology?

Students must bring their fully-charged computer devices to school each day. Students purchase their own devices that will run a Windows 10 Pro Operating System with a keyboard, USB port, and touch screen with stylus. Students have access to:

  • Microsoft Office 365, including Microsoft Teams
  • PlusPortals
  • Dominican Student Email
  • Academic Software

What kind of academic support is available to students?

  • The Math and English Learning Center, located in the Erminia Wadsworth Library, is a resource center for assistance with classwork, homework, and research, staffed by Math and English teachers and open daily.
  • The Erminia Wadsworth Library, staffed by two certified librarians, is a research facility that supports the academic program with print and online resources.
  • The Counseling Department is designed to assist each student with academic and emotional support. In addition to access to a College Counselor and AP Program Director, each student is assigned a Counselor who moves with her through grade levels.

How are students placed into classes?

Incoming students are placed in Regular, Accelerated, and/or Honors-level courses based on elementary school grades, standardized test scores, and High School Placement Test scores.

Students may qualify for Honors and/or AP (Advanced Placement) courses based on teacher recommendations, grades, previous placement in honors classes, and standardized test scores.

Can new students join clubs, performance groups, and sports teams?

Yes! Dominican has over 40 clubs and organizations, including 19 sports teams, many of which are open to new students. Most performance groups have tryouts in the spring which are open to in-coming students. The school also hosts a Club Information Day in September to encourage new students to learn more about and join clubs.

How is lunch served in the cafeteria?

Dominican’s cafeteria is under the management of Sage Dining Services. Hot breakfasts and lunches are served every day. Students may also bring their own lunches. Microwaves and vending machines are available for student use. Dominican does not participate in the federally-funded school lunch program.

Does Dominican provide transportation?

Dominican High School does not offer bus service. Students come from all over the metropolitan area with 55 zip codes represented. The majority of Dominican students travel to and from school in car pools. Zip code lists for the different areas of the city are provided at the beginning of the school year to new parents to assist in making travel arrangements.

What parking and security does Dominican offer?

For security and convenience, a fully enclosed student/faculty parking lot is located at the rear of the campus. Security guards are on duty throughout the school day, from 6:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and at all major school functions. The campus is fully enclosed, and all visitors are required to enter the Walmsley Avenue front entrance to receive a visitor’s pass.

How early can students be dropped off and how late can they stay on campus?

The campus opens at 6:45 a.m. Except for school-sponsored activities and events which may run later, all students must be off campus by 5:30 p.m. or one hour after dismissal on early days.

What about her locker?

Each student is assigned one locker and padlock in St. Mary’s Hall and one in the O’Farrell Student Complex for physical education. Students are allowed to go to their lockers before and after school, before and after lunch, and during a ten-minute locker break in the morning.

How much are text books? Do students have the opportunity to sell books back?

Some text books are loaned to the students for the academic year. All other text books and paperbacks must be purchased through an online text book company. All books ordered are then shipped directly to the student. The online text book company will notify the student by email in the spring which of her books are eligible for buy back.

What colleges/universities have accepted the members of the Class of 2020?

St. Mary’s Dominican High School students have been accepted by all Louisiana colleges and universities and numerous out-of-state colleges and universities. Click here to view a listing.

Does Dominican award scholarships?

Several academic scholarships are awarded each year to incoming students demonstrating academic excellence. The criteria used to determine scholarship recipients include elementary school grades, standardized test scores, conduct and effort grades, and DHS High School Placement test scores. There is no application process for academic scholarships. All students who are accepted to Dominican are considered. Recipients are notified by the President of Dominican High School in May.

Describe your work/study program.

Dominican does not grant full tuition waivers. However, those in financial need may apply for partial tuition reduction through Smart Tuition Aid. Applications for these reductions are available after acceptance and are reviewed in mid-April. Work/study grants are based solely on financial need, and reductions apply to tuition only. All fees must be paid in full.

Are athletic scholarships offered?

Dominican High School supports the policies of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association. In doing so, Dominican High School may not promise or offer athletic scholarships of any kind. Violations may result in loss of eligibility for the student, coach, and/or school.

Explain athletic eligibility requirements.

We follow the guidelines set forth by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association. For questions or information, please call the Athletic Office at 504-865-9401, ext. 5011.