Bead Neuron

Dominican’s science faculty member Anjel Guitroz assists a student as she threads beads on hemp cord to construct a neuron during a biology lab. As part of the first quarter project on the nervous system, students constructed a neuron to reinforce the class lesson regarding the shape, structure and function of the nerve cell. They will… Read More

Anatomy is Fun!

In a recent Anatomy Class, students apply their knowledge of anatomical terminology during an Anatomical Directions Game. Teacher, Ms. Angel Guitroz, reads a statement that is missing the correct anatomical term. Students were challenged to complete the statements with the missing terms, which were written on paper, by placing them on the correct corresponding part… Read More

Skyping with Ireland

Ireland’s holy wells were the primary subject of a skype session between ninth graders in Sr. Trina Ulrich’s religion classes at St. Mary’s Dominican High School and guest lecturer Father Anthony Casey from Ballyea in County Clare, Ireland. Currently, he is pastor of Cooraclare Parish. Other topics discussed included a brief history of the Catholic… Read More

Students Conduct BEST Science! Experiments

Students of Janine Koenig, Biology II instructor, conduct an analysis of PCR product by Gel Electrophoresis. The class was among three-days of experiments that also included chromosome analysis of normal and cancer cells and isolation of genomic DNA from HeLa Cells. It was part of Dominican’s participation in “BEST (Bioscience Enrichment for Students and Teachers)… Read More