Owl Pellet Dissection

Crissy Giacona’s 8th grade science classes dissected owl pellets to analyze what prey they eat by identifying their bones. Owls swallow their prey whole. They digest the flesh and fat on animals such as moles, birds, and shrews, but they cannot digest bones, teeth and fur. Owls regurgitate these indigestible parts in the form of pellets approximately… Read More

Saintly News Conference

Students in Publications I & II classes honed their interview skills during a news conference with surprise guest, New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan (aka English teacher Bryan Camp, Jr.) who fielded questions ranging from post game reviews to team strengths. Following the news conference, the students took a group photo with guest ‘Ryan’… Read More

Exxon Speaker

Guest speaker Paul Paradis (Stillman) with Exxon Mobile conducted experiments during one of Mrs. Crissy Giacona’s biology class. They were studying cellular respiration with a concentration on fermentation reaction. Students conducted a fermentation experiment with yeast. Students filled a balloon with measured portions of sugar, water and yeast. As the reaction occurred, the balloons began… Read More

Bead Neuron

Dominican’s science faculty member Anjel Guitroz assists a student as she threads beads on hemp cord to construct a neuron during a biology lab. As part of the first quarter project on the nervous system, students constructed a neuron to reinforce the class lesson regarding the shape, structure and function of the nerve cell. They will… Read More