NASA Field Trip

Math, science and engineering were top of mind for St. Mary’s Dominican High School students during the NASA Stennis field trip for GEMS: Girls Excited about Math and Science. The students met 13-year-old Alyssa Carson who at the age of three knew she wanted to be an astronaut and travel to Mars. Carson has completed… Read More

Physical Science Lab

Mr. Reuter’s Physical Science class did a lab on work and power. The students timed themselves as they ran and walked up the stairs. They then measured the vertical height of the stairs. After that they used the formulas to find out the amount of work that they did and the amount of power they had… Read More

Austen Tea Party

Students of English teacher Amy Aucoin-Byrd recently completed their reading of Emma by the English novelist Jane Austen. They capped their discussions about culture and customs during that period with an English Tea and a waltz lesson. Students enjoyed homemade crumpets, tea sandwiches and scones, with their English tea. Read More

Egg Drop

Eighth graders in Mrs. Crissy Giacona’s Science Class competed in the Egg Drop contest. The students were instructed they had been hired to design a container to transport a radioactive element, represented by a whole raw egg. They were tasked to address the challenges of accidents, leaks and ease of transportation, Their assignment: create the… Read More


In advance of the annual Tennessee Williams Festival and their future studies of the playwright’s work, students competed in the school’s first Stella Shouting contest. Twelve students from the sophomore class delivered their best renditions of the Hey, Stella! call that was immortalized by actor Marlon Brando in the 1951 American film adaptation of Williams’… Read More

Paper Airplanes

Mr. Ryan Reuter’s 8th and 9th grade Physical Science classes were studying about motion and last week they did a lab on speed. The students calculated the speed of their paper airplane by measuring the distance the plane traveled and the time that the plane was in the air. Then they went back to the… Read More