Shake, Race, and Roll

The Physical Science & Physical Science Honor classes have been studying motion, speed, velocity, and acceleration. The activity “Shake, Race, and Roll” involved the students using toy cars that are self-propelled when shaken. Students did several trials with their car, collecting & recording data for distance and time, then calculating average speed for their trial… Read More

The Science Behind Our Food

Conducting a strawberry DNA Extraction experiment, students in Biology classes observed the DNA in the food they eat. Strawberries yield more DNA than any other fruit. The fruit is octoploid, which means it has eight copies of each type of chromosome. After pulverizing whole strawberries into a liquid form, students poured the liquid into a… Read More

Crystal Christmas Trees

After completing a unit on minerals, crystals, and rock types, Karen Plauche’s Earth Science classes constructed cardboard Christmas trees in a solution of ammonia, salt, water, and bluing. The solution moves into the cardboard by capillary action and salt crystals form on the edges of the trees as the solution evaporates and forms salt crystals. Read More

Analyzing Ellison's Invisible Man

English V AP students collaborated in small groups to analyze chapters 9 through 13 of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. Each group was assigned a different chapter, and students created Prezis online to illustrate significant motifs, identify key elements, and analyze the work through the lenses of archetypal and gender criticism. The Prezis will be posted on… Read More