Mass of the Holy Spirit, Reflection

A Reflection by Aria Dody ’21

In our everyday lives, we as humans notice how different things are. It’s our nature. We notice when a picture is taken from a horizontal angle to a vertical angle, even though the picture still turns out the same. Or when the degree in heat temperature changes, though it doesn’t change the fact that it is still hot.  

In one of the scripture readings today, it says, “For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, slaves or free persons, and we were all given to drink of one Spirit.” Though every person was different from the other, they each became the same by just one spirit: The Holy Spirit. Even though this reading was from many years ago, it still applies to the world today because that same Holy Spirit inside of them lives inside each of us to help us throughout our busy lives to learn and grow. 

When I was young, I was very clumsy. So clumsy to the point where I was not allowed to wear flip flops unless I was at the beach or a pool because I would always…and I mean always trip over my own feet and fall. That same summer, there was this girl who was completely different from me. Her parents allowed her to wear flips flops whenever she wanted, and she would not trip over her own feet. At the time we both played basketball and while she was good at basketball, I could use some work, which is why I probably don’t play basketball anymore. When school started again, I realized this same girl who I was jealous of because of how different her talents were from mine, was in my class. On the first day of school she sat next to me to color because it was her favorite thing to do. It also was mine. I didn’t think about how she could have the same interests I did or have the same personality on the inside. And to this day, though she may go to a completely different school than me, she is still my best friend. 

At this moment, I want everyone to hold up one hand in front of them. Now, think about your different gifts you have on each finger. After you have done that, look around and hold hands. Every person in this room that you see is different and has different gifts and talents that you see on the outside. The person to the left of you may be amazing at sports, while to the right, another may be on student council. But on the inside that same person to your left and the one to your right that you thought was so different than you could enjoy the same foods you enjoy, or even laugh at the same memes you laugh at. Holding hands together, we see how sharing our gifts can make us become a unified whole, while if we let go of each other’s hands, our gifts then are no longer connected to support and help us grow together. 

As spirit week starts, remember that spirit inside of you…the Holy Spirit. Trust and allow the Holy Spirit inside of you to radiate throughout your talents and gifts. Let it help you grow in acceptance and realizing that we are not as different as we seem. And lastly, remember that though we may be purple, green, yellow, red, or blue we all have that same spirit to lead us in life. 

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