State Junior Classical League Convention


At the Junior Classical League competition are (seated) Elizabeth Champagne, (standing, from left) English teacher Casey Lefante, students Clare Plunkett, Maggie Conrad, Savanah Rodrigue, Celeste Maffei, Kristen Tholen, Ceci Bourg, and Dr. Wayne Rupp.

At the Louisiana Junior Classical League (LJCL) State Convention, seven St. Mary’s Dominican High School students competed in several athletic and academic events and took awards. Representing Dominican were Ceci Bourg, Elizabeth Champagne, Maggie Conrad, Celeste Maffei, Clare Plunkett, Savanah Rodrigue, and Kristen Tholen. The LJCL College Scholarship for 2017 was awarded to Celeste Maffei. Dominican’s Greek and Latin teacher Dr. Wayne Rupp is Chair of the Foreign Languages Department. Events and awards were:

Olympika: (athletic events/individual and group) Obstacle Course – 4th place Maggie Conrad.

Creative Arts: Modern Myth – 1st place Elizabeth Champagne.

Academic Testing: Academic Decathlon (Level 4/5) 4th place Elizabeth Champagne; Classical Literature (Level 4/5) – 1st place Elizabeth Champagne; Mythology (Level 4/5) – 4th place Clare Plunkett, 1st place Celeste Maffei; Greek (Level 1) – 4th place Elizabeth Champagne, 2nd place Clare Plunkett; Mottos and Abbreviations (Level 4/5) – 3rd place Maggie Conrad; Reading Comprehension (Level 4/5) – 2nd place Elizabeth Champagne; Roman Life and Culture (Level 4/5) – 4th place Celeste Maffei, 2nd place Claire Plunkett, 1st place Elizabeth Champagne.

Individual Academic Sweeps: 5th place Elizabeth Champagne.

Graphic Arts:  Charts – 2nd place Celeste Maffei; Decorative Stitching – 1st place Elizabeth Champagne; Game Design – 1st place Celeste Maffei; Impromptu Art – 3rd place Maggie Conrad; Ink – 2nd place Clare Plunkett; Map – 4th place Clare Plunkett, 2nd place Celeste Maffei; Miscellaneous – 1st place Celeste Maffei; Mosaic – 5th place Clare Plunkett, 4th place Celeste Maffei; Pencil – 4th place Ceci Bourg; Photography – 3rd place Celeste Maffei; Pottery – 1st place Clare Plunkett.

Individual Sweeps:  Graphic Arts – 10th Clare Plunkett, 4th Celeste Maffei; School Banner – 2nd place; Chariot – 3rd place; Scrapbook -2nd place; T-shirt – 4th place; School Spirit for Small School Delegation – 1st place; Service – 2nd place; Overall Individual Sweeps – 9th place Celeste Maffei, 8th place Elizabeth Champagne; Overall Club Sweeps – 5th place.