Stop the Bleed Teaches Students Life-Saving Steps

In the Sr. Ambrose Reggio, O.P. Gymnasium, members of Dominican’s Student Council gathered around tables to learn the ABCs of responding to life-threatening bleeding injuries during an emergency. Using machines that simulated bleeding, each student took a turn applying compression and packing a wound site. They also learned the proper way to apply tourniquets. These… Read More

Black & White Cupcake Party

A delivery of 1,100 Sucré cupcakes on December 12 to St. Mary’s Dominican High School made for a sweet Sucré Cupcake Challenge celebration with students, faculty and staff. After four qualifying rounds, Dominican won the final four-way Cupcake Challenge hosted by Sucré to see which school was New Orleans’ favorite! The winning cupcake, Cookies n’ Cream,… Read More