Spiders, Oh My!

Guest Speaker Dr. Aimée K. Thomas, a 1991 Dominican graduate, gave a presentation about spiders to the Biotechnology Club. Dr. Thomas is a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, and Assistant Director for the Office of Teacher Certification at Loyola University New Orleans. She received her Master’s Degree in Environmental Biology and Ph.D…. Read More

DNA Strands to Necklaces

Using their DNA, students in St. Mary’s Dominican High School’s Biotechnology Club conducted a DNA extraction experiment and created necklaces. Each student extracted her own DNA from her cheek cells and created a necklace with her DNA strands. The Biotechnology Club investigates current topics such as pharmacogenomics, molecular methods in cancer diagnosis, epigenetics and stem cell… Read More

Beach Sweep

Ecology and Biotechnology Club members from St. Mary’s Dominican High School volunteered for the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF) annual Fall Beach Sweep; a day designated to clean up the Lake Pontchartrain Basin. Along Bayou St. John, the students picked up debris and recorded their collections on data cards that catalogue and quantify the types and… Read More